WC - 1, 2, 3 

After the first round, Karl Geiger led in front of his compatriot Stephan Leyhe and the Austrian Stefan Kraft. A little over an hour later they were on the podium in the same order. Geiger before Leyhe before Kraft. It must have been a good competition, a fair one. And yes, that was it, because the jumpers who were affected by sleet at the start of the second round were allowed to jump again later.

Yes, it was good jumping in which the right decisions were made. Stefan Kraft leads the overall classification unchanged - and it couldn't have been otherwise - ahead of Karl Geiger and Ryoyu Kobayashi. Tomorrow is a new day on which Karl Geiger could theoretically regain the lead. But he would have to win again and Stefan Kraft should be 30th at the most.

Speaking of 30, there were 31 jumpers in the second round because two of them were tied for thirtieth place. In the end, despite two jumps, one of them had to go without points and without prize money. It hit Halvor Egner Granerud, the young Norwegian who was in World Cup for the first time in this season. It is this bad luck that only a Norwegian can meet. Bitter, but tomorrow there is a new chance.

Also for Severin Freund, who didn't make it into the second round on his comeback as 32nd. He was missing 0.6 points. Jan Hoerl placed right behind in his comeback, missing 0.9 points for the final.

Back up. The Slovenian Peter Prevc was fourth after the first round and the final round did not change that either. Only the Norwegian Marius Lindvik whirled further up in the light snow. From sixth to fifth place because Dawid Kubacki caught a weaker jump and dropped to eighth place. Kamil Stoch and Philipp Aschenwald overtook him as well.

While the German team gave a very closed picture with the places 1 and 2 as well as places 10 and 11 (Paschke and Eisenbichler), the Norwegian team looks back with mixed feelings. Marius Lindvik could convince without question, very well, but nothing came after him for too long. Johann André Forfang finished 14th, Daniel-André Tande 18th (in the trial run he was 2nd!), Anders Håre scores five points as 26th, his second best result in the World Cup so far, which is good too, but Robin Pedersen missed out as 42nd. The small  hills are not to the favor of the tall boy.

The Finn Antti Aalto was lucky enough to make it into the top 30 with the first jump, but finished 19th in the final.

Tomorrow the qualification for the second competition will continue at 11:00 a.m.

Result World Cup 21.02.20

Result Trial round

Overall standing World Cup 21.02.20

WC - Fint!


0.1 points. You can't win any tighter. 0.1 points separate the Norwegian Marius Lindvik and the Austrian Stefan Kraft at the end of the qualification. The Austrian jumped half a meter further. 98.5 meters. But it was not enough to win. The boy from Norway nailed it. The victory and the 2000 euro prize money.

He was not that good in the two training sessions. 34th and 23rd. It's okay, but not his level. And then it gets serious and he leaves them all behind. We already know that: The twenty-one year old has no nerves.


The best German is in 3rd place. It's not Karl Geiger and not Stephan Leyhe, but surprisingly Markus Eisenbichler. At 101 meters, he showed the longest jump of the day. 1.1 points behind the winner, also no world. Not even on the normal hill. His compatriots Leyhe and Geiger followed him directly in places 4 and 5. The top 6 was completed by the Pole Dawid Kubacki.


Halvor Egner Granerud returned twith an 8th place. A clear sign. And it feels good. Very good after the long hard months. Second best Norwegian. His compatriots got ranked 11th (Robin Pedersen), 16th (Daniel-André Tande), 19th (Johann André Forfang) and 26th (Anders Håre). Robert Johansson trains at home.


Killian Peier (28th) and Jan Hoerl (32nd) are back in the World Cup but one name stands out way more: Severin Freund. The thirty-one-year-old German makes his comeback after a long injury break and scores a 32nd place together with the Austrian Hoerl.


The best Slovenian was Ziga Jelar in 13th place, right in front of the older, more established Peter Prevc.


The Finn Antti Aalto showed appealing performances in the trial rounds (12th and 10th), but in qualifying he only managed a mediocre jump to 88.5 meters (40th place) despite the upturn.


Ilya Mankov (Russia) was not allowed to jump due to a disqualification.


The first team of the Japanese flew home, they will be back later in the season.


Tomorrow the first competition starts at 2 p.m.



Result Qualification 20.02.20

Result Training 20.02.20

COC - Austria again and again and again


Clemens Aigner has taken the lead in the COC. He won again, leaving the competition far behind. 16 points apart as if it were really that easy. In the overall ranking, he now has a sixteen point lead over his compatriot Clemens Leitner, who is competing with the A-team in Austria.


An Austrian is also in second place. Markus Schiffner - third yesterday. A good result for the twenty-seven year old, who is now fifth in the COC.



The young Slovenian Kos Lovro is also third on the podium. It is the first time this season for the twenty year old.



His compatriot Cene Prevc is fourth for the third time this season.



The best German is Martin Hamann, who shows constancy and so draws attention to himself.



The Norwegians are again performing well. Andreas Granerud Buskum in particular is fun with his fifth place. His teammates follow in 13th place (Joacim Oedegaard Bjoereng), 14th place (Anders Ladehaug) and unfortunately only 19th place for Sondre Ringen, who was at least able to work his way up from 28th place in the second round.



The only American in the points ranking today was Andrew Urlaub (26th).



Next weekend ithe COC will continue in Predazzo, Italy.



Result COC 16.02.20

Result Trial round

Overall standing COC 16.02.20

WC - Finally!

To finally win on home soil was Stefan Kraft's greatest wish. And now it has come true. Unfortunately there was only one round, or actually two, but the finale was canceled three jumpers before the end because the wind was blowing too much and because it shouldn't slow down in the next hour. Maybe Timi Zajc, Ryoyu Kobayashi and Stefan Kraft could have been jumped, maybe the result would have been different or the same. Stefan Kraft will not care now because he has his victory and he leads the overall ranking with 138 points ahead.


It was a blessing for Kamil Stoch that the second round was not counted, because with a jump to just 159 meters he would have taken only one or two points, but now he has gotten 50 and he is fifth again in the ranking. It was also good for Johann André Forfang, who stomped angrily through the exit gate, as he was seventh he got 36 points. Had the second jump counted, it would have been just a handful for him too.


His compatriot Robert Johansson, however, was not so enthusiastic. He was eighth, if the last three athletes had still jumped, he would have been fourth and would have taken 18 points more. And a significantly higher prize money. Marius Lindvik also got less points. If the second round and his respectable jump had counted, he could have been seventh and he would have kept his fifth place in the overall list. After all, he was able to celebrate his new personal best. 242 meters - 20 meters more than before this weekend.


But all of that is idle. A decision was made, jumping stopped and, as is always the case, it makes one happy and annoys the other. After all, there were no surprises, nobody who is up there got there undeservedly.


Antti Aalto was definitely a lot of fun for the Finns in this competition too, he finished eleventh and has now reached the top 30 in the world.


The best German was Karl Geiger in sixth place, 5th place went to the Slovenian Domen Prevc, who jumped  in kamikaze style no matter what, Piotr Zyla - winner from the previous day - wanted somehow too much and finished ninth.


Surprisingly, Dawid Kubacki missed the second round with a flight to only 199 meters, which was not counted anyway, but therefore he did not find a single point on his account. Neither did Gregor Schlierenzauer, who averted a fall with a lot of skill and courage and landed on both feet in the previous qualification at 101.5 meters. 

Anze Lanisek (31st) and Constantin Schmid (36th) also remained without any point.


The Japanese Ryoyu Kobayashi won the qualification and thus the 3,000 euros ahead of Timi Zajc and Anze Lanisek. Stefan Kraft was fourth, fifth was his compatriot Michael Hayboeck. Best Norwegian was Marius Lindvik in 6th place.


Simon Ammann and Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes missed the competition. In frustration, Vojtech Stursa (41.) later offered his equipment for auction on Instagram.


It continues on Thursday on the normal hill in the Romanian Rasnov. 

Result World cup 16.02.20

Result Qualification

Overall standing World cup 16.02.20

COC - Everthing as usual

Everything as usual. At the end of the day, an Austrian is on the podium. Mostly in the middle. Just like today. Clemens Aigner has once again demonstrated his quality in Iron Mountain, Michigan, USA. The only slip he allowed himself was in the trial round. In training yesterday and in the competition today, he left no doubt about his superiority. A competition that was decided almost before the start. In the end, he was 17.7 points ahead of the runner-up, Pole Pawel Wasek.

Unsurprisingly, there is also an Austrian in third place. This time Markus Schiffner, who has his best result of the season. He overtook Ulrich Wohlgenannt and Sondre Ringen in the overall ranking and is now in ninth place.

Martin Hamann and Moritz Baer, both Germans, ended up in fourth and fifth place. The top six is ​​completed by Lovro Kos from Slovenia. The places 2 and 6 separate only 7.8 points. It is much closer here than between the first and second place.

The best Norwegian was Sondre Ringen in 7th place, his compatriots followed in 12th place (Andreas Granerud Buskum), 15th (Anders Ladehaug) and 20th (Joacim Oedegaard Bjoereng). Sondre showed his best result since the trip up to the World Cup. Andreas Granerud Buskum, on the other hand, is somewhat unhappy. This is his weakest result of the season so far and he was significantly better both in training (2nd, 1st and 6th) and in the trial round (9th).

From the American camp, only Andrew Urlaub (27th) and Decker Dean (30th) could score points.

The Canadian Nigel Lauchlan was disqualified due to a non-compliant suit.

The overall ranking of the COC continues to be led by Clemens Leitner. In the absence of five top 6 jumpers, Clemens Aigner moved up to second place. The two Clemens separate 84 points.

Tomorrow's competition will be held at 8 p.m. With another win, Clemens Aigner would take the lead.

Result COC 15.02.20

Result Trial round

Result Training 14.02.20

Overall standing COC 15.02.20

WC - First victory since 2013

For the first time since 2013, the Pole Piotr Zyla wins a World Cup. A ski flying world cup. The first ski flying competition of this season. In wonderful weather, 53 starters competed today because yesterday the qualification had to be canceled due to a storm.

The thirty-three-year-old Pole was already convincing in the trial run and ranked third. One would have guessed that today could be his day. Him and Timi Zajc ended up 0.3 points apart. In ski flying this is the famous flyspeck, a hint of nothing, but it doesn't matter. He won and got the 100 points.

Timi Zajc is more than 13 years younger, Slovenian, a type of aviator who flies to this second place almost casually. In the trial he was only 20th. But almost unstoppable in the competition.

Third place went to the Austrian Stefan Kraft, whom many believed to win. A weak second flight to 'only' 214.5 meters cost him the win. Him and also the German Karl Geiger, who ended up only fourth, although he was in first posistion after the first round.

Dawid Kubacki jumped again very far to the right, but at least also to the fifth place. No surprise with his strong shape.

Surprisingly was, however, the sixth place by the Finn Antti Aalto. Who finally, finally made two good jumps again and reached the top 10 for the first time this season. He hadn't even finished in the top 20 before. Well done! Keep it up!

Kamil Stoch finds himself in 7th place and shortens the gap in the overall ranking to a measly four points on Marius Lindvik, who made a weaker first jump to just 209 meters and then showed the longest flight to 231.5 meters in the second round and scored a 10th place at the end. has been. Ryoyu Kobayashi became 9th.

The best Norwegian was Robert Johansson in 8th place, his colleagues followed in 10th place (Marius Lindvik), 12th place (Robin Pedersen), 14th place (Daniel-André Tande) and 16th place (Johann André Forfang). Anders Håre is again collecting 2 points as 29th.

Striking: The Slovenian Ziga Jelar made it into the points again (23rd place), Jurij Tepes (20th place) and the Estonian Artti Aigro (26th) also reached the second round.

Markus Eisenbichler can only take three points as 28th and sat cursing behind the exit gate after his second jump.

The best Swiss (Simon Ammann) just missed the second round as 31st, his compatriots Andreas Schuler and Gregor Deschwanden finished in 38th and 39th place, Killian Peier is not there, but is in training.

Peter Prevc (33.) and Gregor Schlierenzauer (40.) were surprisingly eliminated in the first round.

The World cup continues tomorrow at 9:45 a.m.

Result World cup 15.02.20

Result Trial round

Overall standing World cup 15.02.20

COC - No(r)way

'No way'? Of course not, because Joacim Oedegaard Bjoereng - yesterday 17th in his first COC since December 14th 2019 - showed it all. It was a razor-thin lead (0.3 points) after the first round, but in the end a sovereign victory with a 4.9 point lead over the Pole Pawel Wasek. Third place goes to Stefan Hula, who was disqualified yesterday.

The Slovenian Cene Prevc is fourth again. Rok Justin - yesterday's winner - follows in fifth place. The top 6 is completed by the German Luca Roth, who showed much improvement.

The Austrian and overall COC leader Clemens Leitner caught a weaker first jump and ends up again not as high in the standings as he would like. Today he is only 8th. However, in the absence of its major competitors, this is not a drama.

Andreas Granerud Buskum - third yesterday - is again in the top 10 today. He is ninth.

Andreas Schuler makes the Swiss happy with an 11th place. Clemens Aigner (Austria), on the other hand, should not be entirely satisfied with the 13th place, but due to the absence of Taku Takeuchi, he has made up a place in the overall standings and is now third.

Mats Bjerke Myhren, who was 16th after the first round, was disqualified in the final due to a non-compliant suit. Sondre Ringen (37th) again and yesterday's so good Anders Ladehaug (38th) missed the leap into the points.

Result COC 09.02.20

Overall standing COC 09.02.20

COC - S-love-nia

It was Rok Justin's first appearance in the COC this winter and now he gained 100 points for the victory. A good start without a doubt. That way, it can go on for the twenty-six year old Slovenian.

As expected, an Austrian is in second place. This time it is Ulrich Wohlgenannt with the best result in the COC for him this season. He is now 10th in the overall ranking, which his compatriot Clemens Leitner continues to lead. This Saturday, however, he was only tenth. Stefan Huber could not collect any points because he was part of the World Cup team in Willingen.

Just back at the COC, the Norwegian Andreas Granerud Buskum has already jumped onto the podium. He was only 4.5 points behind the winning athlet.

Also back at the COC is the Slovenian Cene Prevc (4th). 5th place goes to Clemens Aigner, who is now only 15 points behind Taku Takeuchi in fourth place overall. The top 6 is completed by the Austrian Markus Schiffner.

Ziga Jelar and Anze Semenic, like Anders Håre, Stefan Huber and Taku Takeuchi, jumped in the World Cup and were therefore unable to collect any points in the COC.

Moritz Baer was the best German in 7th place. Anders Ladehaug took eighth place, his second best result of the season. Sondre Ringen, on the other hand, missed the final round as 33rd. The two Finns (Andreas Alamommo and Eetu Merilaeinen) also failed to participate. Stefan Hula was disqualified because of a non-compliant suit.

The competition starts tomorrow at 1.30 p.m.

Result COC 08.02.20

Result trial round

Result Training

Overall standing COC 08.02.20

WC - "Everyone is speechless"

"Everyone is speechless," said Stephan Leyhe, when at the press conference nobody could think of a question for him. Yes, we were. Speechless. No matter which nation we belong to, we all celebrated him, the likeable boy from Willingen, who even at 28 years of age did not completely lose the boyish grin.

Willingen 5 became Willingen 3 and Stephan also won that - and thus 25,000 euros - because he also won the qualification, which took place on Saturday as well. This is his hill and there has been no doubt about it - since this afternoon at the latest. Well done - more than deserved.

The outstanding performance of the young Norwegian Marius Lindvik should also be mentioned. Again he showed only strong jumps, 4 points separated him from victory in the end, he finished second and again he received a trophy. Soon he'll have to extend his house to fit in all the trophies.

Marius has overtaken Kamil Stoch in the overall rankings and is fifth ahead of the Pole, who finished third on the podium this late afternoon.

Fourth place went to Austrian Stefan Kraft, who again took a second place in qualifying. The top 6 is completed by the German Karl Geiger and the Norwegian Johann André Forfang.

Overall, the Norwegians performed well. All five came into the final round. Robin Pedersen as 22nd, Robert Johansson as 25th and Anders Håre - again in the team - was 29th There is room for improvement, but on this windy Saturday it should be enough.

Second best Austrian was Gregor Schlierenzauer in 7th place, best Slovenian was Peter Prevc directly behind him. The Japanese Ryoyu Kobayashi had to be content with the ninth place. Too bad, because in qualification his jump took him to the 4th place.

The Pole Dawid Kubacki, who was only 15th in the competition after two mediocre jumps, suffered even more bad luck. Also out of luck again was the German Richard Freitag, who is still not in a good shape, who just narrowly missed the final round as 31st. Killian Peier (45.) is still off form and Daniel Huber was disqualified thanks to a non-compliant suit.

The competition for tomorrow's Sunday is canceled due to the storm.


Result World cup 08.02.20

Result Qualification 08.02.20

Result Training 

Willingen 5

Overall standing 08.02.20

COC - Anze Semenic makes Slovenia proud

Anze Semenic wins today's COC competition with exactly five points ahead of his compatriot Ziga Jelar. In the first round he made the longest jump with 140.5 m. 

In third place is the Norwegian Anders Haare. 18.1 points separate Semenic and the young Norwegian. One world and yet they stand on the podium together. 

Yesterday's winner Stefan Huber cannot quite match the success, but is fourth. However, almost ten points separate him and Anders. 

The top 6 is completed by the German Martin Hamann and the Norwegian Anders Ladehaug. Sander Vossan Eriksen is 7th. He rolls up the field from behind after only reaching 19th place in the first round. For Sondre Ringen only the 23rd place is possible this afternoon, Mats Bjerke Myhren is 30th. He collects a point. Oscar Westerheim jumps only 120 meters in the first round and has to watch the final round (50th). 

The leading Austrians are again not in a good mood - apart from Stefan Huber. For Clemens Aigner it is enough for a 10th place, but namesake Clemens Leitner is only 19th. 

The young Finn Arttu Pohjola should be mentioned positively. As 28th he scores three points, while his colleagues Niko Kytösaho (42nd) and Jarkko Määtä (39th) remain without points.

Result COC 02.02.20

Result Trial round

Overall standing COC 02.02.20

WC - Kraft means power

Declassed - Austria has struck again. Stefan Kraft has shown an outstanding performance that amazes the competition. 21.1 points ahead of runner-up Stephan Leyhe. Outstanding, there is nothing more to say about it. Except maybe that he didn't finish second this time.

In the second round, the Willinger Stephan Leyhe showed a flight to 142 meters, 5 meters above Hillsize and takes his first podium of the season. Absolutely deserved after two fourth and two fifth places. He will certainly compete with a lot of self-confidence in his birthtown next weekend.

The Japanese Ryoyu Kobayashi is third. Earned, after showing two equally good jumps. Three if you count in the qualification. Always fourth and at the end on the podium.

Karl Geiger 'only' strikes a fifth place. In qualification as well as in competition. In the overall ranking, he is now 63 points behind the stable Stefan Kraft. But nothing is lost yet.

After a mediocre jump for him, the Pole Dawid Kubacki is only sixth. The top 6 is completed by the fourth-placed Slovenian Peter Prevc.

The best Norwegian is only in 13th place today. Again it is Daniel-André Tande who was not at all satisfied with his second jump (125 m). Robert Johansson, Robin Pedersen and Marius Lindvik followed in 15th, 17th and 18th place. Robin is certainly satisfied with his result, Robert made a lot of ground with his second jump (132 m), but the placement is not in line with his actual level. Marius' face spoke volumes and it doesn't help that he has increased significantly in the competition compared to qualification. Johann André Forfang showed two mediocre jumps, which were enough for 22nd place, Andreas Granerud Buskum was 47th in the competition, not showing his best this Sunday.

The only Finn - Antti Aalto - reached 5 points in 26th place. He's also lagging behind his options, but it's better than nothing these days.

Markus Eisenbichler (34th) and Gregor Schlierenzauer (37th) once again missed the second round. Likewise Killian Peier (44th). Richard Freitag didn't even come into the competition as 51st. Noriaki Kasai scroed a 36th place. A good, even though he stays pointless, result for him this season.

The group continues to Willingen, Germany, where the qualification for Willingen 5 is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Friday evening.

Result World cup 02.02.20

Result Qualification

Overall standing World cup 02.02.20

COC - Lucky Austria

Austria. Always. Almost always. But in any case today in Planica again. This time it was Stefan Huber again. Now third in the overall standings after Clemens Aigner was 25th and only managed to collect 6 points.

Second place went to Slovenian Anze Semenic. Bad luck for him, because after the first round he seemed to be out of reach. But in the second round he only managed a jump to 118 meters and so he has to settle for the second place. Nevertheless, he can be very happy with it.

In third place is Ziga Jelar. Only 0.2 points behind his compatriot. All three showed very good jumps in training and the trial round and the result is not surprising.

In fourth place is Jurij Tepes, a third Slovenian. The top 6 is completed with the Pole Maciej Kot and the Norwegian Anders Håre. 

Sander Vossan Eriksen is 13th, Anders Ladehaug 18th Oscar P. Westerheim (44th) and Mats Bjerke Myhren (39th) missed the final.

The best German was Luca Roth in 8th place. The Italians enjoy Federico Cecon with his 10th place and the first COC points this season.

Moritz Baer is only 23., only, because he can do more. Just like the Norwegian Sondre Ringen, who was sixth after the first round and then could not bring the second jump down far enough (117 meters) and is only 14th.

The leader - Clemens Leitner - could not collect points today. As the 35th he did not reach the final.

Result COC 01.02.20

Result Trial round

Result Training

Overall standing COC 01.02.20

WC - Small but powerful

Yukiya Sato is only 1.61 meters tall, but after his World Cup victory this Saturday, he has grown a few centimeters out of pride. He unpacked magic jumps and showed it to everyone. Congratulations to Japan. An Asian win was very likely, but most would have guessed Ryoyu Kobayashi to finally for the 17th time. But today it was only enough for a 15th place.

Stefan Kraft has never been anything else than second this weekend. In the rehearsal, in the qualification and now in the first competition. The Austrian takes the World Cup lead by 8 points ahead of Karl Geiger, who has to settle for 11th place today after his second jump was only 116.5 meters.

In third place is Pole Dawid Kubacki after jumping 136 and 126 meters. Considering his completely unsuccessful jump in the rehearsal (104 meters, 38th place), he can be very satisfied with it.

Jan Hoerl, on the other hand, was very unlucky, who would have been fifth after a fantastic second jump to 141 meters, but was then disqualified due to a non-compliant suit.

The Top 6 is therefore completed by the Slovenian Domen Prevc, the German Stephan Leyhe (who is in top form before his Home World Cup in Willingen) and the Czech Roman Koudelka.

The best Norwegian this Saturday is Daniel-André Tande, who nevertheless appeared dissatisfied and expected more of himself. Robert Johansson falls from 9th to 14th place because his second jump is done after only 119.5 meters. Marius Lindvik, eleventh after the first round, made a very bad jump to only 110 meters in the second round and ended in 22nd place. Robin Pedersen (27th) scored 4 World Cup points. Johann André Forfang (34th) and Andreas Granerud Buskum (44th) missed the final round.

The same goes for Antti Aalto, who is 43rd (after a 15th place in the trial round), and Richard Freitag, who caught another black day after yesterday and jumped again to only 93 meters. It was even worse for Killian Peier, who landed at 89.5 meters after a restless hop. Gregor Schlierenzauer also missed the final as 33rd.

Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes, on the other hand, benefited from the dropouts of the better jumpers and reached the final. There, however, the sometimes gusty, very changeable wind played him to a 30th place. (71 meters)

The Estonian Artti Aigro made it to the finals for the second time in his career and scored six points as 25th. The 17-year-old Austrian Marco Wörgötter, who was allowed to compete in the World Cup for the first time as the new youth Olympic champion, reached the 22nd place and thus his first nine World Cup points. Congratulation.

Tomorrow at 2:00 in the night the second competition in Sapporo, Japan will take place. The qualification takes place at 1 a.m. In Sapporo it is 8 hours later than in Central Europe.

Result World cup 01.02.20

Result Trial Round

Overall standing World cup 01.02.20

WC - Big in Japan

It was close. 0.4 points separate the Japanese Ryoyu Kobayashi and the Austrian Stefan Kraft. But in the end Ryoyu is ahead and picks up the prize money again. The wind was decisive because Stefan jumped half a meter further. The Austrian from Schwarzach im Pongau was second twice in training. Now again. Ryoyu, on the other hand, was only 44th in the first training session and 13th in the second. But Stefan will get over it.

In third place is the German Karl Geiger after a jump to 124.5 m. A much shorter jump and 13.4 points behind the leader, but only Ryoyu and Stefan came over 130 meters. So it is enough. Neat, once again.

The top 6 is completed by the Slovenian Peter Prevc, the Pole Dawid Kubacki and the Austrian Michael Hayboeck. Dawid and Ryoyu separate 15.9 points. At another day it would be a world, but when you consider that Richard Freitag is still in the competition with a hop at 93 meters, it looks a little different.

Andrzej Stekala and Matthew Soukup are also lucky. With less than 100 meters in the qualification, you will usually never compete on a large hill. Daiki Ito and Rok Justin's disqualifications helped. Hiroaki Watabe from the national group was also disqualified.

The Swiss Gregor Deschwanden competes despite his fall and after jumping to only 106.5 m and luckily remains unharmed after his acrobatic performance.

The Norwegian team has to go a whole lot further for the competition. Robert Johansson is 13th, Johann André Forfang 19th. Robin Pedersen does his job well after returning to the World Cup, and got ranked as 21st. Daniel-André Tande is only 27th with 112 m, Marius Lindvik is 33rd (in the trial round 24th and 18th) Andreas Granerud Buskum manages to jump to 124 meters and it brings him to an excellent 15th place.

Antti Aalto, who is the only Finn in Sapporo, achieved a 17th place. In the second trial run he even reached the 11th place. He gives hope. At least him.

Result Qualification 31.01.20

Result Trial rounds

WC - And the Poles love Poland

It is nothing more than what the Polish fans, the media, what everyone in the red and white country expected today. You got it. A Polish winner. Everyone certainly thought of Dawid Kubacki, who was also in the lead after the first round, but then came the minute of fellow countryman Kamil Stoch, who was finally allowed to raise his fists and stretch a trophy in the night sky again.

Dawid Kubacki failed the second jump after the lead in the first round. Failed - a hard word for a flight at 133 meters. But it cost him the win and 'only' put him on the podium as third.

Between the two poles, a beaming Stefan Kraft, who was dazzled that late afternoon. 136 and 138 meters - after a lumbago shot yesterday morning. Others would have been lying in bed suffering.

Stephan Leyhe is unlucky as so often. Also a tough word, considering that he finished fourth. But after round one he was second and now there is no cup again.

Karl Geiger - still the overall World Cup leader (but only 48 points ahead of Stefan Kraft) - is only fifth. A good result, considering that he was 10th after the first round.

The young Norwegian Marius Lindvik completes the top 6. It was a good day and a tough fight, which he won above all against himself. From eleventh place he went up five places in Karl Geiger's slipstream. Well done and keep it up!

His compatriot Daniel-André Tande was unlucky. Sixth close to the first lap, thirteenth at the end after a failed jump at 124 meters. As so often, happiness and sorrow are so close together.

Ryoyu Kobayashi, third in the overall ranking (7 points ahead of Dawid Kubacki), only achieved a seventh place.

Robert Johansson and Johann André Forfang are in 15th and 16th place. Robin Pedersen is 30th and he gained a World Cup point in his comeback.

Timi Zajc falls behind after last good performances and is 26th after two mixed jumps. Antti Aalto, the Finnish ray of hope, follows him as 27th.

For Killian Peier from Switzerland it is again not enough. Ungrateful 31st place. For compatriot Simon Ammann it is the 41st. Gregor Schlierenzauer also missed the second round (32nd). Richard Freitag is third last after his week-long break. The crisis doesn't seem to be over yet.

Result World cup 26.01.20

Result Trial round

Overall standing 26.01.20

COC - First victory for Klemens Muranka


No Austrian won the second COC competition this weekend, but not so surprisingly the Pole Klemens Muranka. Already yesterday he proved that he can handle the hill very well and today he crowned his own performance. His first win in the COC. Congratulation.

Second place went to Norwegian Anders Håre. He also made an exclamation mark yesterday with his fourth place. All the better that he could still enlarge it today. It was not for nothing that he, like Klemens, was already able to breathe in some World Cup air. He has only one advantage over the Pole: he has only just turned 20.

In third place is Hiroaki Watanabe. The fifth from the previous day. He is now 23rd in the overall ranking. That doesn't sound like a lot, but he's only jumped these two competitions this season.

The top 6 are completed by German Martin Hamann, Slovenian Anze Semenic and Austrian Clemens Leitner. Martin Hamann is constantly getting better, Clemens Leitner can't and won't do too much wrong this season and continues to lead the rankings confidently and Anze Semenic shows why he has been allowed to jump so often in the World Cup already.

No surprises so far. For Clemens Aigner it is only enough for a 15th place today, a weaker second jump leads to it, but that is probably only a small slip.

Halvor Egner Granerud is the second best Norwegian today. Improved, he became 27th in the first round and moved up to 21st place in the finale. Not enough for a boy with his demands, but at least better than yesterday. Mats Bjerke Myhren follows in 24th place. Too bad, because after a jump to 129.5 meters he was fourth after the first round. The second jump fails him completely and he lands at 104.5 and is passed far back. Sondre Ringen is only  34th today. What a pity.

Stefan Huber is also unlucky, finishing 31st. After the recent very good results, he has slipped significantly, but remains fourth in the overall standings. Nothing happened.

The Continental Cup will continue with two competitions in Planica next weekend.


Result of the COC 26.01.20

Result trial round 

Overall standing COC 26.01.20

WC - Germany loves Poland


Markus Eisenbichler is still handicapped after his hand injury, but once again victorious with the team. The German team simply loves the Polish soil. No other team has managed to win three times in Poland, the German now did it for the fourth. Sovereign. With a lead of 40 points.


Norway had started so well. Marius Lindvik and Robert Johansson had jumped out such a comfortable distance. 20 points ahead. After the first round they were twenty behind the German team. In the end they are second after Johann André Forfang made up his bad first jump (122.5 m) and was able to put his second on 132 m. And after Marius Lindvik simply landed at 140 meters. As if it was nothing. They could've won today but Germany was simply unstoppable.

Funny, how 140 meters is hillside but not so far compared to the new hill record by Yukiya Sato - 147 m (previously 143.5m from Dawid Kubacki from last year)

Nevertheless, the third place does not go to Japan, even if it was a tight race. There are only 2.5 points between them and the superior Slovenian team.

The home team Poland is only fifth. A weak first jump from Piotr Zyla (123 meters) threw them back right away. Jakub Wolny has been below his level for a longer time now and for his jumps at 122.5 and 118 meters Kamil Stoch and Dawid Kubacki can't make up despite very good performances.

The Austrian team so strong in yesterday's qualification is only sixth in the competition today. Philipp Aschenwald managed a very nice flight at 136.5 m, but the results of the other members are only mediocre. Stefan Kraft is no exception.

Russia was the only team to drop out after poor performance in the first round. Roman Sergeevich Trofimov was disqualified, but this is only a side note as they no longer had a chance. The Czech team is seventh under the new head coach Antonin Hajek. Eighth Switzerland - every athlete with at least one weak jump. Killian Peier's second, however, gives hope for tomorrow.

Result Competition

Result Trial round

Nations Cup

COC - Austria still in the lead

Continental Cup - in this season it's the Cup in which in the end an Austrian always wins, and so it was today in Sapporo, Japan. Clemens Leitner confirms his top form with jumps of 134.5 and 137 meters and wins by seven points over the Pole Klemens Muranka. In the first round he was only in 7th place, with below-average grades and many deductions due to the good wind conditions. In the second, however, he spared no effort and is still on top of the overall ranking. Now with 116 points ahead.

Behind him is Taku Takeuchi in second place, third in Sapporo today. He still has the chance to be the overall winner of the Continental Cup.

The top 6 is completed by the Norwegian Anders Håre, Hiroaki Watanabe from Japan and the Austrian Clemens Aigner.

Anders Håre was already the most striking Norwegian in trial and training. Once 2nd and once 6th. The twenty-year-old, who has already been able to collect points in the World Cup, once again proves that he can be reckoned with. Maybe also for the A-squad next season. The other Norwegians were less happy this Saturday. Sondre Ringen was 17th after an unsuccessful second jump to only 109 meters. Mats Bjerke Myhren narrowly missed the second round as 31st, Halvor Egner Granerud remains the unlucky one this season and only scored a 38th place after a jump to 102.5 meters (trial and training 35th and 38th) and had to only watch the final round instead of competing.

Ziga Jelar finished ninth this time after a very good weekend in Klingenthal. Best Slovenian was Anze Semenic in 7th place. Best German Martin Hamann in tenth place. The Austrian Stefan Huber - fourth in the overall classification - was only 13th after mixed jumps.

Tomorrow the second competition starts at 2:30 a.m. The trial round starts an hour before.

Result of the COC 25.01.20

Result of the trial round

Result of training

Overall standing COC 25.01.20

WC - Kubacki, again and again

Dawid Kubacki - it seems that this season there is no way around the twenty-nine year old Pole. He won the second trial run and also the qualification. With a distance of 6.9 points as if it were just a game. Very easy. No problem.

Ryoyu Kobayashi follows him. Second in qualification. However, after a completely unsuccessful second trial run. If this had already been serious, the young Japanese would have had to watch the competition on Sunday. When it matters, he's there. That is also safe.

The Austrian Stefan Kraft showed the longest jump. 141 meters. One meter over hillsize. Without Telemark there were strong deductions for him, from Russia he got only a 16.5. Even with a continuous 19.0, he would have lagged behind the outstanding Dawid Kubacki.

The top 6 is completed by Philipp Aschenwald, Kamil Stoch and Timi Zajc. Not a surprising result this season.

The best German was Stephan Leyhe in 7th place. After the decision of his coach Stefan Horngacher, Karl Geiger would have needed to jump 133 meters to get the point credit for the lower gate. However, it was only enough to 132 meters and a mixed 11th place. In the triel rounds he was 4th and 28th.

The best Norwegian, in 9th place, was Johann André Forfang. His result is okay, that of the other Norwegians is worse than expected. 18th place for Daniel-André Tande, Marius Lindvik only on the 22nd rank. Disappointment was written all over the face of the twenty-one year old, in capital letters. He expects so much more from himself. Robert Johansson struggled through his jump, 33rd place. Robin Pedersen scored a 34th place, but above all his second test jump (17th place) shows that the break was good for him. Andreas Granerud Buskum was unlucky, only 113.5 meters and 61st place after significantly better jumps in the rehearsal that would have brought him into the competition.

For both Estonians and both Ukrainians, unfortunately, this weekend is already over. And on the Polish side, Stefan Hula and Jakub Wolny surprisingly didn't make their way into the competition either. Bulgarian Vladimir Zografski, on the other hand, is lucky, he has found 13 worse athletes and is the last in. Kevin Bickner made it as well as the Finn Jarkko Määtä.

The team competition is scheduled for tomorrow at 4:15 p.m. The Austrians would have been ahead if it was already comepetition day today.

Result Qualification 24.01.20

Result Trial round

COC - Robin showed off his class

This time, a Norwegian spat in the soup of the Austrians who dominate the Continental Cup this season. Robin Pedersen was already in a good mood on Saturday, but he was even better this Sunday.

In the first round, the twenty-three-year-old Norwegian took a clear lead with a jump to 139.5 meters and should keep it until the end. He won far more narrowly with only 4 points ahead of the Austrians Clemens Aigner and Stefan Huber despite a shorter flight to only 125.5 meters and below average grades.

The top 6 is completed by Ziga Jelar, Clemens Leitner and Markus Schiffner. 4 Austrians are again in the top ranks. A luxury that the team would love to see in the World Cup, too.

Noriaki Kasai was also honored and everyone would have given him a place on the podium. After the first round he was ranked 4th, in the end it was a very good seventh place for the oldest participant in the field.

Sondre Ringen was ninth and despite his past slips he remains sixth in the overall classification. The best German was Adrian Sell in tenth place. The young Italian Giovanni Bresadola - still overwhelmed in the World Cup - finished 14th today.

The unlucky man of the day was Oscar P. Westerheim, who would have landed in the top 10 after a fabulous jump to 130 meters in the first round, but unfortunately fell. Fortunately nothing happened to him, but with a lot of anger in his stomach he missed the second round and trudged out of the outrun.



Result COC 19.01.2020

Overall standing COC 19.01.2020

WC - Winners and losers in Titisee-Neustadt 

The winner was Dawid Kubacki twice this weekend. But once, when it came to the prize money from Titisee-Neustadt Five, the Japanese Ryoyu Kobayshi was ahead. Luck and bad luck are so incredibly close in ski jumping.

The blonde Pole wins the competition with a razor-thin lead. The distance to Ryoyu is 0.3 points. After round 1 there were still 3.3 points. The Japanese, however, showed his old class, recalled the previous year in which he dominated so clearly. Today it was almost enough for the hill record in the first round. Just as he almost scored his next individual victory.

Surprisingly in 3rd place this Sunday: Timi Zajc. The Slovenian has found himself again and will certainly climb some places again this season. 20th in the overall ranking for sure does not reflect his ability. He is young, he still has time. He will definitely give the Slovenes a lot of fun in the future.

The overall ranking of the World Cup is still led by Karl Geiger. He has shed some feathers, Stefan Kraft is only 83 points behind him. Ryoyu and the German separate 91 points. No time to rest. With a fifth place this Sunday, he stopped the small downhill run at least.

The top 6 is completed with Stephan Leyhe in fourth and Anze Lanisek in sixth. The young German Constantin Schmid made a 9th place for an exclamation mark.

One that Marius Lindvik would have loved to gain as well. For the Norwegian, who has been so successful this season, unfortunately, it was only enough for a tenth place.

After a strong fourth place in the first round after a jump to just 127 meters, Stefan Kraft is only 11th as the best Austrian. But that will hardly console him.

It is even more bitter for Kamil stoch, who had to finish his second jump at 116.5 meters and is only 24th.

Bad luck again for the young Norwegians Anders Håre and Andreas Granerud Buskum. Rank 31 and 33. Only 0.6 points were missing for participation in the final round for Anders. And Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes, who usually occupies the 31st, is just behind this time. 1.1 points seperate him from the points.

The next weekend the circus continues in Zakopane. With another strong performance by Dawid Kubacki? We will see.

Result World cup 19.01.2020

Result of the trial round

Titisee-Neustadt Five Result

Overall standing 19.01.2020

COC - Everyone has a turn    

The Austrians dominate the COC - and everyone can get to the top. Stefan Huber was honored this Saturday in Klingenthal. His second jump was particularly outstanding. With 142 meters the longest of the day.

Second place went to Slovenian Ziga Jelar, who for the first time this season managed to get a place on the podium.

Robin Pedersen placed third. It was the Norwegian's first COC this season. The break in the World Cup is good for him, he seemed relaxed and happy and once again proved his class this Saturday. We will definitely be able to welcome him back to the highest class very soon.

Clemens Aigner, Andrzej Stekala and Clemens Leitner complete the top 6.


Results COC am 18.01.2020

Results of the trial rounds

Overall standing COC

WC - Kubacki pretty cool-headed

At the latest after the first round, the spectators waited for the outcome of the competition. Dawid Kubacki was brilliant and showed a cool head in the finale with the longest jump of the afternoon.

Ryoyu Kobayashi, who found his old strength in the qualification on Friday, was able to show his class today as well. With two jumps of 138.5 m each, he secured third place behind the Austrian Stefan Kraft (135.5 m and 140.5)

The podium did not come as a surprise, but the Norwegian Johann André Forfang from Norway scored at 4th place. His fellow countryman Daniel-André Tande followed in seventh place with a gap of five points. In between them the Germans Stephan Leyhe and Constantin Schmid in a shared fifth place.

Karl Geiger could not build on his last outstanding performance and only finished in 12th place. The Norwegian Marius Lindvik also had problems and with 132.5 m and 135.0 m it was only enough for a disappointing 17th place on Saturday.

The Slovenian Timi Zajc was surprisingly strong after his recent poor performance. He finished tenth with jumps on 135.0 and 137.0 m.

The Finn Antti Aalto, on the other hand, was very unlucky, as he missed the leap into the points as 31st.

The Norwegian youngsters Anders Håre (42nd) and Andreas Granerud Buskum (39th) unfortunately did not reach the final today.

Ryoyu Kobayashi continues to lead the Neustadt Five, but only 5.7 points over Dawid Kubacki. Stephan Leyhe (-9.7) and Stefan Kraft (-9.9) are still within striking distance.

Results of the competition 18.01.2020

Result of the trial round

Overall standing 18.01.2020

Titisee-Neustadt Five Classement

WC - Ryoyu Kobayashi is back        


Due to the lack of snow, the competitions in the German Titisee-Neustadt were canceled last season. This year everything is perfectly prepared and the qualification is once again a promise for an exciting competition.

 Not surprisingly, despite the poor results in Val the Fiemme, Ryoyu Kobayashi won, and since he also was on top in both of the trial jumps he will have a word in winning tomorrow and on Sunday as well. The Japanese should at least find himself on the podium. 

The German Karl Geiger won both competitions last weekend and can also be seen as one of the favorites this weekend. The current World Cup leader will certainly not give the yellow bib away on any time soon. He wants to celebrate the fifth World Cup victory of his career as soon as possible. He was a little weaker than expected, coming in ninth in the qualification, but after difficult jumps in the trial round (29th / 18th) this result encourages and with only 14.8 points behind the leader of Neustadt Five he is not yet beaten.


Marius Lindvik, unlucky at the first competition of the last weekend and 'okay' with his seventh place on Sunday, would definitely like to have a say in it and flirts with a place on the podium despite somewhat more mixed jumps this Friday (12th / 30th and 11th in qualifying) , And after all, two of the last three competitions in Titisee were won by a Norwegian (2015 Anders Fannemel and 2016 Johann André Forfang), so the twenty-one year old from Sørum would like to join in for sure. 

Also ambitious: Austrian Stefan Kraft after his 5th place in today's qualification, Daniel-André Tande (7th in qualification), who didn't like the results of the last weekend and of course Dawid Kubacki (today 8th) 
The German Stephan Leyhe was in a great mood today and attracted attention with a 2nd place. The Willinger would also like to have a say in the Neustadt Five.


The best Norwegian was Robert Johansson, who has regained strength after a used weekend on the normal hill in Val the Fiemme. As third in the qualification, he only misses 9.8 points on Ryoyu Kobayashi.

 The Canadian Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes managed a flight to 132 meters and he will certainly be happily think back to his tenth place in the qualification for a while.

Results of the qualification
Results of the trial rounds

WC - Titisee-Neustadt

The start list is here. 51 athletes from 15 countries are fighting not to be the one who has to drop out in today's qualification. And of course about laying the foundation stone in the fight for the extra prize money at Titisee-Neustadt 5.


Team Germany - luck in misfortune

So one can speak of luck if someone misses at least two World Cup weekends and is in pain. Yes, it probably is. At least a bit. Markus Eisenbichler's hand injury, which he sustained when falling on an ice sheet in front of his house, is not as serious as initially feared. He does not need to be operated and there is hope that he can compete again in Zakopane.

The team for the Home World Cup in Titisee-Neustadt: Karl Geiger, Stephan Leyhe, Philipp Raimund, Constantin Schmid, Pius Paschke and Luca Roth

Moritz Baer and Martin Hamann will jump in the COC in Klingenthal.

Team Norway - stranded in Venice


They wanted to be at home early, enjoy a few days before continuing with the competitions in Titisee-Neustadt. But those who fly a lot know it well. Delays everywhere or - and that's even worse - a flight that gets cancelled. Everything had been planned so accurately...
And then you sit there, in an airport that isn't exactly exciting, and wait. And wait. You wait for an announcement, you wait for a new boarding time, you wait ... and passing the time is getting more and more tiring. You had other plans, appointments, ideas about what you wanted to do with the rest of the day.

At 2:30 p.m. they were still in Venice, without knowing when they would get a new plane after the engine failure of the first one. And with how many detours. And the time grew longer and longer, only two of them could still smile. Anders Håre and Andreas Granerud Buskum. Coach Alexander Stöckl had time to deal with planning for the next competition and decided to take the two young jumpers from the B squad as well to Titisee-Neustadt in Germany.

 Otherwise the team remains unchanged, too. Norway brings along Daniel-André Tande, Robert Johansson, Marius Lindvik and Johann André Forfang. Robin Pedersen continues to train at home. Halvor Egner Granerud competes in the COC.

Update: They made it home eventually.


WC - Karl Geiger is unstoppable

Before this weekend there were only three athletes, Widhölzl, Malysz and Hilde, who won in Val di Fiemme at least twice. The German Karl Geiger managed this in a single weekend and is now leading the World Cup ranking with 120 points in front of Stefan Kraft, but no longer of Ryoyu Kobayashi (Now third with - 164 points on Geiger).

Geiger already finished the qualification in first place ahead of his teammate Stephan Leyhe. 0.8 points separated the two there. In the competition later it should be 23.1, because Leyhe ended the day in 13th place after a weak first jump (17th). As the second best German.

Geiger achieved the longest jump (104 m) in the qualification and 103 m (2nd round) and 107 m in the competition.
107 m - only 0.5 m below the hill record set by Adam Malysz in 2003. A deserved victory. Hats off to the almost twenty-seven year old Oberstdorfer.

After the disqualification from the previous day, the Norwegian Marius Lindvik got a much better day, ended the qualification in 6th place and the competition together with the Slovenian Peter Prevc on the 7th after jumps to 101.5 m (100.5 m in the qualification round).

Stefan Kraft, third in qualifying and leader after the first round, finished the competition in 2nd place with 4.7 points less than Karl Geiger. The Austrian from Schwarzach im Pongau once again draws attention to himself.

Not much has changed in the ranking today. Dawid Kubacki - fourth in qualification - finished the competition in 3rd place. Polish colleague Piotr Zyla managed a surprisingly long set at 104 m in the second round, which lifted him from 7th to fourth place, which he shared with compatriot Kamil Stoch. The Norwegian Johann André Forfang completes the top 6.

Ryoyu Kobayashi had a used weekend and finished 25th after 26th the previous day. Robert Johansson also had difficulty getting into the second round, which ended in 26th place for him.

Also unlucky was the Czech Roman Koudelka, who only finished 11th after being 5th in first round. The Austrian Daniel Huber slipped from 7th to 18th place.

The biggest unlucky man, however, was undoubtedly the Swiss Killian Peier, who landed on the 85.5 m mark and who therefore had to cut sail early as the 50th of 50.

Positive from the Italian point of view: Giovanni Bresadola made it into the competition this time and was good enough for a 47th place. The Finn Jarkko Määtä did the same, but was 49. Kevin Bickner, who survived the qualification today, was 35. - currently a success for him.

Evgeniy Klimov and Yevhen Marusiak were disqualified due to non-compliant suits in the qualification round.

What remains to be mentioned: The German Luca Roth again collected a World Cup point, while Andreas Granerud Buskum unfortunately narrowly missed the leap into the points rankings as 31st. But Anders Håre knew how to show himself and ended up in 23rd place, earning 8 points and has now also reached the top 50 in the world rankings.

Result World Cup 12.01.2020

Result First Round

Result Qualification

Overall standing World cup

COC - Three follows four

A new day, a new competition, a new result? Yes, but nothing that shakes the foundations. An Austrian wins again. His name is Clemens again. This time it was not Leitner but Aigner. And with him on the podium are the same as the day before. Stefan Huber comes in third and Clemens Leitner in second place.


Ski jumping can be so simple. He is 4.5 points ahead of the namesake at the end and 22.4 points ahead of Stefan. An amazing jump at 142 m drove him to the top in the first round and then he couldn't let it go. 136.5 m in the second round - again the furthest distance.

An Austrian also follows in fourth place. The twenty-five year old Ulrich Wohlgenannt. Already 25. That's how it is in ski jumping. No young athletes anymore. Only Clemens Leitner, at 21, is still young. And Peter Resinger - seventh - he's young as well. Only 19.

The top 6 is completed by the well-known Slovenian Jurij Tepes and the Czech Vojtech Stursa.

Mathis Contamine finished 16th, his second best result so far. The eighteen year old can become something. Good for the recently very weak french team.

Halvor Egner Granerud was the best Norwegian today. After a weak first round, which he just finished on 28th rank, he managed to jump to 132.5 m, which catapulted him to 12th place. Certainly not his desired result. Because the boy from Asker can do so much better.

Beside him, from the Norwegian camp, only Mats Bjerke Myhren made it into the second round. 19th place. But his shape curve points upwards. Well done.


Result COC 12.02.2020

Overall standing COC 12.02.2020

COC - Austrian triple celebration

The first of two competitions in local Bischofshofen was a complete success for the Austrian team. Clemens Leitner won with a lead of 14.3 points and jumps on 133 and 135.5 m ahead of Stefan Huber and namesake Clemens Aigner (0.7 points behind Stefan Huber).

From the beginning, the Austrian trio left no doubt about its superiority. For Clemens Leitner it was the first victory of the season, which had been rather short so far due to the four canceled competitions previously. He is now in second place in the overall ranking with only 19 points behind the Japanese Taku Takeuchi, who was only 17th today.

The Polish team claimed places 4 to 6 for themselves. Alexander Zniszczol finished fourth ahead of Andrzej Stekala and Klemens Muranka.

The Norwegian team - significantly weakened by the appearances of Anders Håre and Andreas Granerud Buskum in the World Cup - could not find themselves in the top 10 this time. Best Norwegian today was Mats Bjerke Myhren in 15th place. A-squad jumper Halvor Egner Granerud was only 27th with jumps on 121.5 and 120.5 meters.

The second loser of the day is definitely Anze Semenic. The Slovenian missed the points with a 35th place.

Results COC 11.01.2020

Overall standing of the COC 11.01.2020

The revenge of Karl Geiger

With a whopping 70 points ahead, the German Karl Geiger takes over the yellow jersey of the World Cup leader. With 5.3 points ahead of Stefan Kraft from Austria, he took a confident lead in the first round with above-average grades (3 x 19.0) and a jump to half a meter over hillsize (104.5 m).

Dawid Kubacki, winner of the qualification, jumped to only 98.5 m in the first round and landed on a disappointing 8th place. Ryoyu Kobayashi - so far number one in the world rankings - landed at the 94.5 m mark and reached the second round in 26th place only by luck. Marius Lindvik, who didn't do well in the qualification the day before and also in the trial round reached his best result in Val the Fiemme in the first round, but was disqualified in the post-jump control because of a non-compliant suit. For him, Daniel-André Tande moved up after his unsuccessful first jump (93 m) and was ultimately able to improve to 23rd place and thus collect at least 8 World Cup points.

From a Norwegian point of view there was not much positive to report in this competition, apart from Johann André Forfang's ninth place, which is a good result considering that he does not really love the normal hills. In addition, youngster Andreas Granerud Buskum was able to collect his first World Cup points (25th - 6th place).

Surprisingly, Philipp Aschenwald and Jan Hörl from Austria (both 36th place), Robert Johansson from Norway (38th place) and the Japanese Junshiro Kobayashi (35th), who was already weak within the last competitions, did not make it into the second round. Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes from Canada (44th) also clearly missed the points this Saturday.

Karl Geiger, who was last up there, left no doubt about his superiority today and confidently jumped to the third World Cup victory of his career. He was 7.7 points ahead of second-placed Stefan Kraft. Third place went to Dawid Kubacki from Poland, who was able to make up a lot of ground with his second jump set on 104 m. (14.7 points behind Karl Geiger).

The top 6 is completed by Kamil Stoch (also Poland), Constantin Schmid and Stephan Leyhe (both Germany)

The one who most rejoiced - and he did it extensively on the coaches tower - was probably Stefan Horngacher. Karl Geiger brought him his first victory as German head coach, who had previously led the Polish team for three years. Apart from the Austrian in second place, only Germans and Poles were in ranks 1 to 8 on this day.

The biggest losers of the day next to Marius Lindvik after his disqualification are Domen Prevc, who fell from 6th to 13th place, and Rok Justin (18th after a 7th place in the first round)

In the overall classification, Karl Geiger leads with 70 points in front of Ryoyu Kobayashi, Marius Lindvik and Dawid Kubacki swap places (4th and 5th) and Kamil Stoch (now 6th) moves ahead of Daniel-André Tande and Philipp Aschenwald.

Result of competition 11.01.2020

Result after the first round

Result of the trial round

World Cup overall standing

At the top again - Dawid Kubacki

Val di Fiemme - also known as Fiemme Valley - is the first stop in the World Cup after the most exciting Four-Hills-Tournament in years. Only one person doesn't seem to like the tension: Dawid Kubacki. Not easy and casual, but without batting an eyelid, the Pole won today's qualification for tomorrow's competition.

Him and Karl Geiger separated a ridiculous 0.1 points, but it is the winner of the Four-Hills-Tournament that again picks up the prize money. Ryoyu Kobayashi, on the other hand, was significantly behind (with 9 points less) in tenth place. The second of the tour - Marius Lindvik - did not get along with the small hill (Hillsize 104) and ended the qualification in 25th place, 18.9 points behind the blonde Pole.

Cene Prevc - the middle of the three brothers - was surprisingly placed fourth. Stephan Leyhe became third, three points behind Dawid. The top 6 is completed by Stefan Kraft in fifth and Kamil Stoch in sixth rank.

With 58 starters from 16 nations, only eight athletes had to drop out of the qualification. Unfortunately, this affected the only two Finns (Alamommo and Määtä), both Americans (Bickner and Gasienica), both Ukrainians (Kalinichenko and Marusiak) and two of the three Italians (Insam and F. Cecon). Only eighteen-year-old Giovanni Bresadola (brother of resigned Davide Bresadola) was 46th in the qualification.

Last year the competition in Val die Fiemme took place on the larger hill, but Dawid Kubacki already knew how to convince there. A second place on Saturday was followed by the first World Cup victory of his career on Sunday.

Ryoyu Kobayashi continues to lead the World Cup ranking and only Karl Geiger could change it up tomorrow. The Japanese is currently 25 points ahead. Should Karl become the first German since Martin Schmitt in 1998 to win a World Cup in Val Fiemme, Ryoyu should at most be third for a change of leadership. At the moment, both seems to be possible. 

Qualification result

Trial rounds

Startlist Saturday 11.01.2020

Standing World Cup